<S for Shoko> x <Lucy & Matilda.> popup shop at Isetan Shinjuku

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Accessory including bag and umbrella which we produced in commemoration of the brand fifth anniversary in particular is large full lineup commencing with the latest collection <S for Shoko> in this popup shop.


In addition, in jewelry BOX which <S for Shoko> produced in <Lucy & Matilda.> and the first collaboration, scarf that SHOKO described rare broach and Pierced earrings in picture in watercolors and the original jewelry are bundled and they enter special box and sell the number on a qualified scale!

Scarf can be chosen from 2 pattern, and all the jewelry is one, all First come, first served in the world.




<S for Shoko> X <Lucy & Matilda.>

Original jewelry scarf set 30,800 yen (tax-included) with special box 


<S for Shoko> 

Brand "S for Shoko" which SHOKO to work on as artist based in London and Tokyo launched wins popularity in textile of original print since Rebel with London Collection in 2016.

Brand mainly on Item of original textile which we received inspiration in culture that music of the 1960s when SHOKO loved and art, town and people created and designed and colorful tweed.

It is characterized by girl characteristics and expression including humor in refined femininity.

Sense of fun Item including large size scarf of silk that picture which chooses, and described Item and cloth which we describe in every season and made with textile of lowering in canvas freely is fun until the end of is prepared.





<Lucy & Matilda.>

We are interested in old thing, and culture and thing which is new that it is old valuing old thing touch coexisting culture since childhood during the long London residence.

We engage in the apparel industry in Japan.

Afterwards, we feel charm in style taking in old thing in fashion and begin buying, sale of vintage for original sense utilized previous experience.




SHOKO of Aristrist/designer working based in London and Tokyo

Work is engaged in much artwork such as in various expression including picture and music and private exhibition out of the country and collaboration with many foreign countries brands, illustration or writing to fashion magazine including writing, ELLE and NUMERO of London book.

Many commemorative Item releases "S for Shoko" in commemoration of the fifth anniversary this year. We set up store in Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.


As for the (Sun), SHOKO comes to popup shop on Saturday, July 18, 19th. (there is possibility of change by the situation)

We help with shopping as personal adviser, and event which had favorable reception last time carries out "portrait gift which SHOKO draws in front".


SHOKO visit event

Saturday, July 18 10:30-12:00

Sunday, July 19 10:30-12:00


We will present portrait by SHOKO newly written work to customer of Purchase on first-come-first-served basis tax-included 30,000 yen or more in popup shop during period.



By all means this valuable chance without passing over!


※As there is available in limited quantities product, forgive on out of stock.

※Price is all tax-included.

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