Meal home delivery of Isetan



Taste that was particular about relief and quality to table. "Meal home delivery of Isetan" to cook fresh ingredients in morning of the day, and to send by exclusive refrigerator car. We send good meal of controlled salt, balancing with calorie from 7,000 kinds of MENU wearing well every day in rotation.


Meal home delivery of Isetan

●Healthy club standard…3,456 yen (one set)

It is two meals course of dinner and breakfast, the following day. It is meal that calorie and salt in consideration for health were controlled every day in rotation every day.

[first experience course] +1 set of three sets (pay) of 10,368 yen (free)

We attach healthy club standard (dinner, the next morning meal) one set toward three sets of applications free only in first and will send four sets in total.


●Healthy club PREMIUM…4,536 yen (one set)

It is dinner, breakfast, the following day, three meals course of lunch, the following day. We supplement iron content and calcium which are apt to be short by meal mainly on "ingredients dakusan soup" for lunch.

[first experience course] +1 set of three sets (pay) of 13,608 yen (free)

●Meal Aya club…3,456 yen (one set)

It is two meals course of dinner and breakfast, the following day. It is Sunday-limited Japanese set meal which valued the beauty of meal and seasonal sense of the seasons.


●<TANITA supervision> body club…11,880 yen (for one set of *5 day)

Menu which is useful for health maintenance which TANITA CORPORATION supervised of from Monday to Friday send every day in rotation.


※We accept the product price by payment in advance.

※There is service offer Aria. For more details, please refer.


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