Hands-free shopping

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Person in charge brings Purchase product in Isetan Shinjuku = Each Floor to "Exit handing over place" of customer designation.

■Handing over place: The/Main Building Parking basement 4F fare adjustment office/park city ISETAN 1.1 floor fare adjustment office side in front of the main building 1F parking side entrance 2 side/Main Building Parking 1F fare adjustment office


Allied service

Selection of shoes YourFIT365 beginning with foot

Isetan barber shop

Baby stroller

The information desk

Ladies' shoes Shoo counseling service

Funeral consultation

Handbag, wallet attend reservation service (main building 1F)

Match Palette

Furniture repair maintenance

Tailor Nobuhito Yamaguchi LA SCALA reservation

Child custody space ISETAN KAIKAN 5F pay

Isetan Photo studio

Jewelry repair & Remake azure

Size measurement service of foot by counselor child shoes Shoo