[special feature] We released "Part1 which looked back on visual in successive Isetan Christmas".

    [special feature] For "the clothing of Christmas! In reward to oneself! We just released report with accessories & jewelry which was HOT.

    [guidance] <GOYARD> About sale on "Le vent se lève" Wednesday, December 12

    [notice] We released "introduction in event which began on Wednesday, December 12".

    [guidance] <SUQQU> About Reservations on 2019 spring KOLOR collection (1/9 release) Friday, January 4

    [special feature] "isetansaronemenzu" "recommendation! We released 14 selections of male oriented "iron plate" gift.

    [special feature] "Great place entrusts you to professional! We released gourmet in real Christmas to enjoy casually.

    [special feature] We released "let's enjoy shokorasho only for here in illuminations and Japan in Marunouchi".

    [guidance] <IPSA> About sale of the thyme reset aqua

    [report] "Only in Shinjuku Store in the world! <asutie de viratto> Let's make customized mug of this; was released.