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Rental of baby stroller

It is | for customer accompanying rental service, child The first-floor = front entrance, south side Entrance, parking side Entrance, the second-floor = parking side Entrance, in front of 6F = elevator

Please use freely. ※We offer baby stroller for new-born infant. For more details, ask bureau in 1F, 2F = shop.

Purchase product parking handing over

Hands-free shopping, delivery service | Each Floor

I carry Purchase product to forever city second parking lot 2F = "Isetan Purchase product ferry".

※There is product not to be able to accept partly. For more details, ask person in charge.

AED (automated external defibrillator)

Various facilities | = front entrance, = elevator side on the first floor on the seventh floor


Various facilities | 5F, 6F

We will help until planning such as traffic, staying of foreign countries, domestic travel widely.

The information desk

Directory enquiries | in shop The first-floor = front entrance, the second-floor = parking side Entrance

We accept various guidance, parking services in shop.

Rental service at the time of repair

Rental service | The fourth-floor = bag

When I take repair processing, we do free rental of replacement. (the fourth-floor = business bag suitcase)

Babies' rest station

It is | for customer accompanying various facilities, child The sixth-floor = baby, Children's Wear

Please use for exchange of the nursing and diaper. In addition, there is toilet for child, too.

Bank ATM/Daishi Bank

Various facilities | The first basement

Store opening hours Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays = from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Locker, cold storage locker

Hands-free shopping, delivery service | The first basement, 7F

The use is free. ※In the case of the use, 500 yen coin is necessary. (after the use, I return 500 yen coin.) The use time: Until 30 minutes before closure ※The use time may be changed.

Ticket agency

Various facilities | 5F

We sell various ticket including concert, play, lecture.


Various facilities | The fourth-floor = golf

We can experience hall at virtual golf course. Based on data of customer whom computer analyzed, the staff having qualification of "non-- professional instructor" of association of Japanese golf leader will advise carefully.

M eye kids club

For customer accompanying child, it is member service | = baby, Children's Wear counter on the sixth floor

You can enroll in child until 0-12 years old of MI CARD member. We have privilege and various services on birthday.

Help of shopping for physically disabled person

It is | for directory enquiries in shop, guidance to attend service (help of shopping), showroom, physically disabled customer 1F, 2F

Ask person in charge of the information desk in shop or neighborhood. We help with shopping together.

Each the prefecture Satellite shop agency

Hands-free shopping, delivery service | Each Floor

You can receive product which took Purchase product and Telephone order at store of Satellite shop. In addition, we accept product back order of Niigata Isetan Each Floor in Satellite shop.
※There is product which handles partly, and is not done.

Today service

Hands-free shopping, delivery service | Each Floor

As for the shopping easily. We will send to home by the end of the day.
Delivery area: Niigata-shi, Sanjo-shi, Shibata-shi
Delivery acceptance time: From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Tax-Free counter

Various facilities | 5F

We accept TAX REFUND procedure using automatic interpreter smoothly.

Lost article reception desk, accouterment temporary checkroom

Various facilities | The first basement

We do temporary custody of acceptance and baggage and Purchase product of thing left behind, lost article in shop. The use time: Until 30 minutes before closure ※The use time may be changed.

Powder room

Various facilities | 2F

It is powder room for Ladies. It comprises large mirror, fitting room, vending machine of sanitary protection, stockings.

Multifunctional powder room

It is | for various facilities, physically disabled customer 3F, 7F

It is powder room which can enter a room by wheelchair, baby stroller.

Rental of wheelchair, silver cart

It is | for rental service, physically disabled customer 1F, 2F

※Ask person in charge of the information desk in shop or neighborhood.

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Pet to customer of companion

Please refrain from companion of pet to food floor, RESTAURANTS, Each Floor cafe, food-related PROMOTIONAL HALL.
About companion of pet to place except food relations, we have you put in the carrier bags of size to be able to progress by hand, and consideration, please so that other customers do not come to trouble. ※Including head, please close cover and zipper in state that you completely put whole body in. ※Depending on type and size of pet, I may decline companion.

Guide dog and service dog, deaf person's dog can be accompanied in all facilities.